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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction in Rockaway, NY

At Rockaway Dental Group, we take every step necessary to preserve your natural teeth. But, in some cases, extraction is the best option for your oral health. Our dentist Naushir Lalani, DDS, will perform a comprehensive and detailed evaluation to determine the best course of action before performing any extraction. 

There are a multitude of reasons that a tooth could need to be extracted. It’s best to extract a tooth if it is: 

  • broken beyond repair, such teeth pose a hazard to soft tissues 
  • severely decayed, and root canal therapy isn’t sufficient
  • impacted, a common occurrence for wisdom teeth 
  • unnecessary, as in the case of overcrowding

Any one of these instances would warrant a swift extraction to preserve the integrity of your oral structure. Patients in Rockaway, Bayswater, Edgemere, Arverne, Inwood, and Atlantic Beach choose Dr. Lalani for their extractions because he provides excellent service. From our detail-oriented methods to our advanced technologies, Rockaway Dental Group is your best choice for a dental extraction. 

Streamlined Procedure 

Dr. Lalani has many years of experience performing tooth extractions. In his years of experience, he has come to recognize the key signs of lost-cause teeth. He can determine with uncanny accuracy when it’s time to pull a tooth. 

To do so, first the patient is comfortably anesthetized. Then, the tooth is gently removed from its socket in the jawbone. Patients remain at ease throughout the whole procedure.

We will schedule check-ups to ensure the extraction site is healing properly. Patients report being completely healed within one to two weeks. 

Accuracy with 3D Technologies 

Rockaway Dental Group is equipped with the iTero intraoral scanner- a breakthrough in dental imaging technology. This device allows us to visualize your dentition with meticulous detail, which in turn ensures the success of your extraction procedure. 

This device consists of a slim, portable hardware, an intuitive tablet-like display system, and an imaging wand. This handheld wand lets Dr. Lalani take digital impressions of your teeth quickly, cleanly, and comfortably. Dental impressions used to require gooey molding paste and bulky mouth trays. At Rockaway Dental Group, your experience is streamlined for your comfort every step of the way. 

Accessible Location 

Our easily accessed location makes post-op transportation easy to manage. Our practice is located near a main highway and various public transportation systems. Our close proximity to local landmarks, such as Rockaway Beach and St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, make arranging transportation a breeze. 

Choose Rockaway Dental Group for Your Tooth Extraction Procedure 

When extraction is unavoidable, choose Dr. Lalani to help you regain your oral health. His wealth of experience and dedication to patient satisfaction sets his practice apart. Choose us for our top-of-the-line technologies and easily accessible location. 

If you have any questions about tooth extraction or any other of our services, please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to working with you!