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Invisalign® at Rockaway Dental Group

Crooked and misaligned teeth can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem and confidence in their smile. Unfortunately, about half of all people require correction for malocclusion at some point in their lives.

Fortunately, there are more options than ever for alignment correction. One of the most popular forms of alignment correction is Invisalign® clear braces. 

These nearly invisible trays are custom-molded to the shape of your dental structure, and created in phases designed to gently move your teeth into proper alignment over time. 

Rockaway Dental Group offers Invisalign to patients with mild to medium malocclusion. They are especially popular among teens, young adults, and professionals who may not want to wear traditional metal braces.

Made Just for You

At Rockaway Dental Group, we believe that technology is the future of the industry. New tools and devices are continually making the patient experience easier and more comfortable than ever before.

One such device is the iTero intraoral digital scanner. No more messy materials or uncomfortable processes of taking physical impressions. With the iTero, Dr. Lalani can take a detailed 3D scan of your oral structure in mere minutes.

This digital impression is used to custom-mold your Invisalign aligner trays for the exact shape and contour of your teeth. Throughout the alignment process, we will take routine scans of your dental structure to track progress and ensure the accuracy of future trays.

Correction Without Compromise

Traditional metal braces can be a limiting experience. There are a number of foods that a patient cannot eat while wearing them, and daily cleaning is also affected, as the wires and brackets can make it difficult to reach all the contours and crevices of your teeth.

Invisalign trays are easily removable, so you can take them out whenever you need to. Experience the freedom of eating whatever you want, whenever you want. When it comes time to brushing and flossing, you simply remove the tray and clean it at the same time.

On average, patients can expect to wear their aligners around the clock. The only time the aligners should be removed is for eating and cleaning. Failure to wear the aligners consistently will result in prolonged treatment time, or even less-than-ideal results.

Undetectable Orthodontics in Rockaway

When it comes to treating malocclusion, Invisalign is the most attractive solution available. Our practice creates happy, healthy smiles in Rockaway, as well as the surrounding communities of Bayswater, Edgemere, Arverne, Inwood, and Atlantic Beach.

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